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Unique Location Serves up Coffee in 1900's Era Movie Theatre

City Creamery Opens in Historic Early 1900’s Movie Theatre Building in Rome, GA

city creamer

Located in downtown Rome, Georgia is City Creamery. They serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, shakes and have a full service coffee bar. There’s something for everyone as they even offer gluten free options, vegan ice cream and shakes. City Creamery operates out of the building that the historic Rivoli Theatre - the oldest movie theatre in Rome (two original movie chairs and poster adorns the shop). They also offer old time candies such as peppermint sticks, divinities, pecan logs and old-fashioned all day suckers. A small portion of the shop hosts a retail selections of coffee’s, t-shirts, car plates and other small souvenir type gifts. Did we mention they have free wifi?

Choosing Cafe Cartel for their Frozen Yogurt and Coffee Bar Point of Sale

city creamer

Before opening City Creamery, the owners had a previous frozen yogurt shop using CCS in 2015. So in 2016 they decided on using CCS again at their new City Creamery shop. City Creamery uses two terminals with integrated scales and 8” LCD customer displays. Since the scales are integrated, CCS reads the weight from the scale and calculates the price. It also includes taring the cup so that the customer isn’t being charged for the weight of the cup.

Barista’s at City Creamery can easily modify drinks within the POS, whether it be by milks, shots or syrups. Label printing for the cups are an optional feature. With CCS Item Builder feature, City Creamy can track their coffee bar’s inventory and associated costs. For example, City Creamery can enter a drink recipe into CCS that lists the ingredients of the item and their portions. Even the cups for the drink can be added to the recipe for added cost insight. All of these sales and their cost/profit margins are tracked in CCS and be accessed by using Cafe Cartel’s analytics features and 70+ reports. Their retail items can easily be uploaded via an excel document or manually entered. Tags, label or barcodes may also be printed for the gift items if so desired.

The Best POS System for Employee Tracking and Managerial Oversight

Cafe Cartel comes with complete managerial oversight which includes, special permissions, employee time clock, labor scheduling, remote login and multiple cash drawers. At the end of the day, reports are emailed to managers though they can remote in periodically to check sales if they are working off site. Security systems may be integrated with the POS so that the feed can be pulled up by order to insure there is no employee tampering going on. These are the reasons that many business owners choose Cafe Cartel, just like City Creamery. To review these things and more, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.