The solution is simple: Rewards / Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs for your Patrons

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Gaining new customers is always on a store owner’s mind as it should be. But retaining your current customers is one of the best ways to increase revenues. Studies show that it costs ten times more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Loyalty programs are designed to help you retain your current customers, but what does it mean and how does it work? Having a Loyalty Program doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make all your customers loyal. It is a relationship building tool that will keep a positive connotation of your establishment in your customers mind. It is a way to show your frequent customers your appreciation.

Integrate with text messaging services, email campaigns to bring even more added value

CCS comes with multiple rewards and loyalty programs to fit your needs.

Loyalty points

The simplest of these programs. Points are redeemed at the customers choice. Their current standing of points is printed on the bottom of each coupon to encourage their return.

Coupon Loyalty

Print out a coupon every time they reach specified point. The coupon is of your own instruction, item value, percentage. The amount they reach is based on dollar value or number of times they come to you.

Mile Stone Loyalty

An intriguing offer to your guests. They will get different things over their journey with you as a customer. Free items, free t-shirts. It's all up to you. For customers who reach large values, you can consider things like a Free Hat, T-Shirt, or something that will also provide marketing of your product. Even parties!

Styles - Buy 10 Get-one-Free,2 for 1. And more options.

You can set up for multiple direct purchases, like buy 10 coffee's get one free. Or you can get creative, by 10 coffee's get a bagel. Try to activate your customer's interests in alternate products.

No need for Punch Cards - or Loyalty Cards

Say goodbye to punch cards! The POS System will track the number items your customers have purchased, both weighed and non weighed items.

Example of Rewards Program.

Configure your Rewards Progams