Thanksgiving: a day for family, friends, food, and questions. Do you have enough space for everyone to sit? How will you prepare the turkey? Do you stuff the turkey? Will you prepare a vegetarian option? What wine will your serve that could possible go with the variety of food being served?

Thanksgiving Wine


Typically food and wine pairings will focus on a single wine and a single dish, but Thanksgiving is an entirely different ball game with all the variety that fills our plates at this annual feast. Typical suggestions for Thanksgiving wines include pinot noir (a fruity red) and Gewurztraminer (a fruity white) and while these are not bad choices they represent the predictable and safe choices.

In that respect wine should be the least of your concerns when Thanksgiving rolls around. Any good wine will match something on your menu and most likely will actually go with the majority if not all of your menu. In fact this makes Thanksgiving as good a day as any to experiment and discover new and interesting food-wine combinations.

With that in mind here’s 5 wines you might want to try this Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Wine Intro


1) Laetitia Vineyard and Winery NV Brut Cuvee

A blend of pinot noir, chardonnay, and pinot blanc this sparkling wine features melon and lemon aromas with flavors of toast coming through to cleanse the palate. It is an excellent aperitif and pairs well with vegetables, green beans and roasted squash specifically.

Thanksgiving Wine Laetitia Vineyard Brut Cuvee


2) CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs 2013 Chardonnay

This chardonnay features aromas of pomelo and baked pear that segues into a round palate full of earthly and apricot flavors. These palate pleasing tastes and aromas make it an ideal companion for white turkey meat and cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving Wine Crossbarn


3) Stinson Vineyards 2013 Rose

This southern French inspired wine puts it’s French roots on full display with fruity aromas of and flavors of watermelon in addition to light notes of smoke. These fruit centric flavors make this wine the ideal pairing for your prized Turkey of the day.

Thanksgiving Wine Rose


4) The Infinite Monkey Theorem 2012 Petite Sirah

The selection is dusty and also fruit centric. Featuring aromas of cocoa powder, blackberry, and toasted oak. As a result each sip presents a palate of raspberry, chocolate, and floral notes. Therefore this wine is a perfect pair with dark turkey meat and holiday staple, savory mashed potatoes and gravy.

Thanksgiving wine Infinite Monkey Therom


5) St. Clair Winery NV Gewurztraminer

This Gewurztraminer showcases aromas of lemon, honey, and floral notes with a sweet palate full of cinnamon, pear melon, and even more honey. This makes it the perfect companion to any Thanksgiving dessert, particularly as a complement to the classic pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Wine St Clair


Do you have any more suggestions for wines to serve with Thursday’s Thanksgiving feast? Leave a comment below!