Voters in Keego Harbor, Michigan joined voters in Colorado and Washington among other states on November 3rd when they voted to legalize the use and possession of marijuana for adults. The passing of the proposal legalized the “usage, possession, and transfer,” of an ounce or less of marijuana by anyone 21 or older within a private, non public space. The proposal passed with 55% of the vote.

Keego Harbor in Oakland County became the sixth community in the county and more than the dozenth within the state of Michigan to either legalize marijuana possession for adults or to make the drug their community’s lowest law enforcement priority. A similar proposal to the one passed in Keego Harbor also passed in the Kalamazoo County city of Portage on the 3rd as well.

 Keego Harbor Marijuana Vote


Candidate for city council Peter Trzos said of the proposal, “If in the future the state chose to say small amounts of marijuana legal, on public property or by people over 21, it would be a right given to us by the state. It prevents the city from taking it away from us illegally.”