The Colorado Grow Company opened its doors in January 2015 as a full recreational marijuana retail storefront; prior to then it was a medical marijuana facility. With Colorado passing Amendment 64 on November 6, 2012 and with the first stores opening on January 1, 2014 the marijuana industry in Colorado has become a crowded one, but that hasn’t stopped Colorado Grow Company from finding a way to stand out from the crowd.

 Colorado Grow Co


Colorado Grow Company makes it seem easy to accomplish that simply by striving to provide nine strains of top tier cannabis, customer discretion, consistency, and compassion all while providing service unlike anything you’ve ever previously experienced in the marijuana industry. In fact when it comes to their cannabis Colorado Grow Company goes above and beyond to ensure it’s quality; in fact they grow their own medicine which is organic and hand trimmed and as a result only put the highest quality product on our shelves.

Colorado Grow Co Inside


As a result of their dedication to producing a quality product, while simultaneously providing quality service Colorado Grow Company has received overwhelmingly positive reviews like this one on Yelp, “Attentive Knowledgeable and NICE!!   upscale feeling new favorite spot in Durango.”

Colorado Grow Co Review


With a company so dedicated to quality is should come as no surprise that when Colorado Grow Company needed a point of sale solution that they would turn to a company equality dedicated to quality in, Café Cartel Systems. CCS has been an industry leader for over 10 years providing point of sale software solutions for medical marijuana dispensaries all over the United States, including conducting installations for dispensaries in all 23 states that have legalized medical marijuana as well as Washington D.C.

With systems designed specifically for your medical marijuana dispensary CCS can provide your dispensary with all the features you need from a point of sale system to be successful, including: inventory solutions such as Grow Tracking, surveillance and theft control, NTEP certification, weighted tiered pricing, and patient check in and management just to name a few.

Request a quote today and find out how CCS can help you take your dispensary to the next level with point of sale solution you’ve been searching for!