Is your medical marijuana dispensary based in Oregon? Are you fed up with all the confusing and stringent medical marijuana laws currently in place? Well the Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary program is here to help.

Through the Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program any approved dispensary in the state of Oregon will be able to receive and transfer usable marijuana and immature marijuana plants once it is issued a registration certificate from the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program (MMDP). A dispensary must contact the MMDP and indicate that it is both ready to open and prepared for an on-site final registration assessment in order to receive registration certificates. With that in mind the following is a list of items that at minimum must be in place at the time of your requested assessment.

1) The building the dispensary will be located in must be completely finished. This includes having all counters, display cabinets, etc in place and each room must be ready to conduct business.

2) All security and surveillance systems (outlined in 333-008-1140 through 333-008-1180) must both installed and operational.

3) The safe or safes that will be used to store useable marijuana must be on site and properly installed. Additionally all refrigerators that will be used to store edibles must be lockable and anchored to a permanent structure of the building.

4) A process must be in place to separate tested from untested product.

5) All scales must be on site. If the scales are not yet licensed and certified by the Department of Agriculture, you must provide a copy of a Placed-In-Use Order from the company that installed the scales, or a copy of the application sent by the dispensary to the Department of Agriculture. For more info visit

6) All packaging for useable marijuana must meet the requirements outlined in 333-008-1225.

7) A sample of the labels that will be placed on dried flower.

8) Proper signage indicating secured and restricted areas.

9) There must be a method of tracking transfers in and out of the dispensary that meets the requirements outlined in 333-008-1230 and 333-008-1245.

10) There must be a method for keeping electronic records that meet the requirements outlined 333-008-1210, 333-008-1230, and 333-008-1245.

11) There must be a method in place for keeping track of inventory.

Note: This list does not contain all items that will be needed to be seen upon your initial inspection. Your initial inspection will be unannounced, performed within 6 months, and will be conducted against all requirements found in OAR 333-008-1000 through 333-008-1290.

If you believe your dispensary meets all of the requirements outlined above then email the program at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please include your MMD number in the request and a Compliance Specialist will contact you to arrange a day and time to perform your on-site final registration assessment.