CCS Point of Sale

Types of Reports in CCS


The reporting and analysis section within CCS provides various types of reports that you could print to meet your requirements. The report categories within CCS are auditing, daily reporting, inventory, other, payment reporting, summary of discounts, product sales, sales, sales extended and taxes. The reports are available in the following categories.

Reporting Categories


Adjusted Price Summary

The adjusted price summary report provides a summary of adjusted prices of items.

Adjusted Prices

The adjusted prices report provides the adjusted prices of items.

Voided Items

The voided items report provides a list of voided items.

Unclosed Printed Orders

The unclosed printed orders provides a list of unclosed printed orders.


Client Purchase History

This report shows purchase amounts, averages and counts of each contact.

Daily Reporting

Daily cash balances

The daily cash balance report provides the daily cash balance for the store/business.

Closed orders by server/cashier

The closed orders by server/cashier shows the orders that were closed by a particular server/cashier.

Closed orders by type

The closed orders by type report provides more information about the type of closed orders.

Closed orders sequential

The closed orders sequential shows all closed orders sequentially from start to end of particular time period.

Open orders by type

The open orders by type report shows all open orders based on type.

Open order sequential

The open order sequential report shows all open orders in a sequential flow.


Discounts by Order

The discounts by order report shows the discounts given by order. You can enter the date range at the top to see discounts given for a particular date range.

Discounts by Summary

The Discounts by Summary shows the total discounts given during a particular date range.


Inventory change

The inventory change report shows any changes in the inventory.

Inventory item sales

The inventory item report shows all inventory item sales.

Track item sales

The track item sales report provides tracking of item sales.



The checks report provides a summary of payments made by checks.

Credit cards

The credit cards report provides a summary of payments made by credit cards.

Product Sales

All item sales

The all item sales report provides a report of the item sales.

Item sales with category

Item sales with category shows item sales with category information

Item sales with sub-category

Item sales with category shows item sales with sub-category information.

Category sales

Category sales report provides sales based on category.

Department sales

Department sales report provides sales by department.



Tendered report shows all tendered sales i.e different modes of payment used by customers for transactions.


Employee report shows sales listed by each employee.


Hourly report shows sales reported by each hour.

Sales cost comparison

Sales cost comparison provides a monthly sales cost comparison.

Month to date

Month to date report provides sales from the first of the month to the present date.



Year to date

Year to date provides sales from year specified to the present date.

Sales Extended

Department sales comparison

Department sales comparison provides a sales comparison between different departments of the store.

Discounts by order

Discounts by order provides the discounts given by order.

Hourly sales comparison

Hourly sales comparison provides a hourly sales comparison

Hourly sales grouped by hour

Hourly sales grouped by hour provides hourly sales by the hour.

Hourly Average Sales By Weekday

Hourly average sales by weekday provides the average hourly sales by each weekday

Labor cost sales

Labor Cost Sales provides an hourly comparison of Labor Cost to Hourly Sales. It does not include Overtime Costs.

Product sales comparison

Product sales comparison provides a sales comparison of products.

Sales commission report

Sales commission provides the sales commission earned for each transaction.

Coupons by order report

Coupons by order provides the coupons that were printed by order.

Line item discount report

Line item discount report provides the discount that was given for each line item.

Tax Reports

GST tax report

GST sales tax provides the gst tax collected for all the items sold.

Liquor tax report

Liquor tax report provides all the liquor tax collected for the items sold.

Taxes report

Taxes report provides all the taxes collected for all items sold.

Sales range daily report

Sales range daily provides the sales range of the items in a daily basis.

Sales range hourly report

Sales range hourly provides the sales range of the items in a hourly basis.

Sales range weekly report

Sales range weekly provides the sales range of the items in a weekly basis.

Sales range yearly report

Sales range yearly provides the sales range of the items in a yearly basis.

Sales range monthly report

Sales range monthly provides the sales range of the items in a monthly basis.

Sales range hourly by week report

Sales range hourly by week provides sales range by the hour for one week.

Vendor Sales Report

Report of sales by vendor.


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