Point of Sale Case Studies

Dispensary POS Case Study

CannaCruz is a non-profit medical cannabis collective located in beautiful Santa Cruz, California. Their mission seeks to provide safe and affordable access to high quality medical cannabis.


Aside from ensuring the quality of product, the owners of Canna Cruz; Grant and Brad Palmer wanted to start their dispensary business off with a strong start. They decided to adopt Cafe Cartel’s own pricing strategies that have proven to generate an instant customer base as well as start sales out strong for budding businesses.

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McCrite Plaza is a family owned and operated retirement community in Topeka, Kansas that has built a reputation on caring. They have an in-house movie theatre, a pool table and a pub. Their restaurant-style dining room, The Waterford Room, has become a cornerstone for their residents acting as a dining hall and dancing hall for McCrite holiday events. Recently McCrite decided on expanding their dining options to provide more variety to their residents and make them feel more at home. With their expansion in mind they wanted to test out a reputable point of sale in The Waterford Room.

McCrite Plaza wanted to accomplish a couple things with their point of sale:

  • More organization
  • Record inventory
  • Keep track of staff purchases
  • Record transactions for residents

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OC Kosher Market is a small family grocery located in beautiful Orange County, California that sells the largest selection of kosher products south of Los Angeles. When they decided to remodel their store they knew that they wanted to make the switch from cash registers to a fully automated grocery store.

OC Kosher's main business goals they wanted to address were: their deli scales and inventory management.

With OC Kosher's list of business needs, Cafe Cartel was able to deliver a point of sale solution that allowed OC Kosher to expand their grocery operations.

Before, OC Kosher, used deli scales with printed labels. Customers would order their kosher meat, sandwich, or meal at the deli take the container with the printed label to the cash register and the cashier would ring them up.

Cafe Cartel's point of sale solutions team identified that this method didn't allow for OC Kosher to see their inventory in real time. This meant that when OC Kosher's deli made a sale they would have to go through the entire process of manual inventory reconciliation before knowing exactly how much inventory they had left, in other words they had no way of knowing or keeping track of what was being sold and when. It also opened them up to shrinkage if items were rung up incorrectly.

Deli Scale Integration

Knowing that inventory management was a top priority for their business, Cafe Cartel offered a better scale solution that allowed them to better keep track of their inventory. With integrated scales all tied into their POS, their entire operation both deli and grocery are now able to work together to give OC Kosher a more convenient customer experience along with detailed inventory reporting.

Inventory Solutions

For a grocery store owner, integrating the scales and grocery terminals means that you can easily pull up your current inventory count and see what you still have packaged and how much has been depleted. This makes inventory reconciliation a breeze.

Now, OC Kosher doesn't have to worry about profit loss with ordered, but not paid for, deli items that are left to spoil hidden in the store. Or mis-rung-up grocery items with their new barcode scanner.

Making-Over Deli and Butcher Operations

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CCS Installs at Redmond Ridge Liquor & Wine | Washington State

Redmond Washington, a new Liquor was opening and the owner was looking for a solution. Washington State's regulations required specific files be uploaded and exported from the POS System on a weekly and monthly basis. These files each had columns of data that were it not for CCS"s flexibility of importing, and many options for how it relates data, would not be possible for a software that was not specifically designed for the States requirements.

Redmond Liquor had been referred by the District Manager of the liquor stores to use a specific software for liquor stores. However, the pricing, the quality of service and the features required to operate a business and get all of the other modern information required by a POS System to work just weren't there.

  • Quality of Service: the referred solution was run by a one man operation.
  • Quality of Product: was out dated, using Windows 98, didn't have updates, didn't have the other features to make Point of Sale what it has become: easy to use, powerful to have.
  • Pricing: the one man operation was so niched in this market, it had to rely on a fewer number of stores to pay for the cost of basic operations for business.

Washington State Updates:

Just because CCS has the tools to import, didn't mean it had a seemless product. It had a product that could meet the needs of the customer, but required a few extra steps. So CCS re-vamped the product and specifically made tools for Washington state to dramatically improve the input and out put of work.

State Sales: Washington State required all payments to credit cards for Liquor & Wine be payed through a separate termial. For other POS systems this required complex math, or simply performing two transactions, one for beers and non-liquor or wine items, and another transaction for State Paid transactions. CCS was able to sell all items on on transaction with no cashier complexity or difficulty level.

Redmond Ridge Liquor & Wine22310 Northeast Marketplace Drive, Redmond, WA 98053-2038



Bar Point of Sale Case Study






Cafe Cartel Systems Installs at a Bar & Music Venue. It has has been a part of the live music community in Los Angeles. Hosting many underground, yet cultishly popular bands,  the 260 person venue is open nightly with a main bar located on the main floor with an additional smaller bar located on the second level.  Cocktail waitresses roam the floor and serve patrons with beverages.

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